Sunday, May 17, 2009

Sunday Reflection - Sunrise Over The Atlantic Ocean

Psalm 136:8 - The sun to rule by day: for His mercy endureth for ever.

Matt 16:3 - Red sky in the morning, cloudy and storming. 'You know how to interpret the appearance of the sky yet you can't interpret the signs of the times?'


Sunrise with the Lord

Do you ever start the day out
Sharing a sunrise with the Lord? 
Just having a little chat with Him
Feeling grateful He’s on board? 

Perhaps you’ve got a problem
You need to share with Him
A worry that’s not fading
And the light in your world is dim

Or maybe things are going well
And you just want to tell Him so
‘Cause you’re feeling mighty peaceful
Your life is heading where it should go

So you get up in the morning
Before the sun peeks out
Just to have a little visit with God
You don’t even have to shout

Because He’s always waiting for you
In case you need to talk
While you enjoy His bright creation
As you take that morning walk

It can be one of our greatest pleasures
And something we can all afford
Along with our morning coffee
Watch the sunrise with the Lord! 

                                                 Marilyn Lott 


Photos by peacesojourner


Karima Amin said...

beautiful the poem.....both reminding me to slow down and appreciate EVERYTHING the CREATOR gives......thank you peacesojourner....

Villager said...

God Bless You! Remarkable photos, remarkable prose and a great idea that costs nothing to implement. I hope to watch the sunrise with a new spirit tomorrow morning...

I invite your blog readers to enjoy a Sunday Inspiration post honoring our Black Mommas...

peace, Villager

The Griper said...

you may be new to blogging but i can't say enough about the site, just beautiful, girl.