Thursday, August 11, 2011

If It Is Thursday It's Going Green - Detox your body, home, community

DeTox your body, DeTox your home, and DeTox the Economy:

- Many of today’s consumer products – from cleaning supplies, to children’s pajamas to lipstick – contain toxic chemical additives that simply aren’t necessary. Research online (for example, before you buy to be sure you’re not inadvertently introducing toxics into your home and body. Then tell your friends about toxics in consumer products.

- Do you ever use hair dye to change your hair color? Take a look at the ingredients before you put it on your head. Every pore in your head will be absorbing the chemicals into your brain. The same goes for body deodorant. Check out the ingredients before you smear it under your armpits. Soap and water is effective to remove body odor, also, a little baby powder will give you a sweet smell of freshness :-)

- The European Union has adopted strong policies that require toxics to be removed from many products. So, while our electronic gadgets and cosmetics have toxics in them, people in Europe can buy the same things toxic-free. Let’s demand the same thing here. Getting the toxics out of production at the source is the best way to ensure they don’t get into any home and body.

- Unplug (the TV and internet) and Plug In (the community). The average person in the United States watches T.V. over 4 hours a day. Four hours per day filled with messages about stuff we should buy. That is four hours a day that could be spent with family, friends and in our community.

- On-line activism is a good start, but spending time in face-to-face civic or community activities strengthens the community and many studies show that a stronger community is a source of social and logistical support, greater security and happiness. Volunteer for activities at your place of worship, it is guaranteed that there is a mission or project that would benefit from your personal gifts. Sign up to help in a local political campaign - a great way to meet new people.

- Park your car and walk. Make exercise part of your daily routine. Driving less and walking more is good for the climate, the planet, your health, and your wallet.

- It is possible that I may have mentioned some of these things before but it bears repeating if it helps us to change. Just changing one thing at a time will help the environment and our personal lives.

Let me know how you are doing with the 4 R’s. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Repair.

Don’t forget, together we can make a difference.


About the photo - I was out walking and the Robin was looking at me directly and communicating in the sweetest tones. Of course I had to snap his photo :-)

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