Sunday, September 6, 2009

Sunday Reflection - The Power Of Prayer

Asa: physician, son of Abijah and grandson of Rehoboam, was the third king of Judah (OT)


Many of my readers have been praying for Asa Hill.

The Buffalo News printed the following statement this morning. Asa has died. The 7 year-old boy was in the Women's and Children's Hospital in critical condition after sustaining serious injuries in an accident Thursday on the I-190.

According to a hospital spokesman, a Memorial Service will be held Monday at 11am at the Unitarian Universalist Church at the corner of Elmwood Avenue and Ferry Street, Buffalo, New York

Friends and Family are welcome.


As I was writing a Sunday Reflection today I saw Asa’s grandmother Lorna Hill on the local television news station. She said (I am paraphrasing) "Many of you joined us as we prayed for a miracle for Asa. Asa has died but do not overlook the fact that prayers were answered and miracles have happened, but for other children.

The prayers of some other families have been answered. His heart, liver, and kidneys will be donated to three other children who have been waiting for a miracle also. Now those children will be able to live healthy lives.”

Her words brought tears to my eyes. I, along with many others, believe in the power of prayer and I am also aware that sometimes the prayers that we offer up are often answered in ways that we did not exactly have in mind – but often after examination we realize that they were in fact answered.

The Hill family is strong in faith and is finding comfort that in losing their son his organs will be donated to others who have been waiting for them.

His father Amilcar Hill said that Asa was “filled with love.” It is the families wish to pass that love on to others.

This family’s graciousness is a wonderful example to me and I thank them for this lesson.

As the family and friends pass through this time of pain and sorrow I pray that each day ahead will continue to bring some measure of comfort to them.

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