Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Happy News - Bambi and Thumper Really Do Exist

I wanted to share these wonderful photos that were sent to me by a friend.

It proves that Bambi and Thumper really do exist :-)

For the millions of people who have read their story
this is indeed 'Happy News'

As you know they were depicted on the screen as cartoon characters.

These photos prove a real live friendship between the two.

Here Bambi seems to be nibbling affectionately on Thumper's ear

They certainly seem comfortable together

Sheltering together from the upcoming snowstorm

We survived the storm and now we can have some fun
running around in the snow

Such true friends!
If you have trouble believing this
- just believe that I believe!



Here is the wonderful photographer Tanja Askani of Nindorf, Germany
playing with some of her friends that she has photographed.

Thank you Tanja for showing us life as you see it through your lens.

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