Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Michael McDonald in Concert.............

Recently I was able to see and hear three people who I have been a fan of for many years and all within a one-week period. They are from completely different walks of life but I admire them all.

If you have read my list of favorite musicians you will know that Michael McDonald is listed there. I have been a fan for many years. Those who have been a passenger in my car know that I play his music all the time.

He plays the guitar, piano and the keyboard and I saw him in concert in Niagara Falls. He is a songwriter and a singer, and was born on 12th February 1952 . He is known for pop, rock, and soul. I love his Motown numbers the best.

While playing for a group “Steely Dan,” Michael McDonald received attention, as he was the back-up vocalist for the album “Katy Lied”. Later he was taken up by another group the “Doobie Brothers”. The original main singer of the “Doobie Brothers” was unwell during a tour and they signed Michael up. He was really impressive while performing in the band that they decided to give him a permanent place in the group.

Later he went solo and put together some of the previous songs that were not produced on CDs. He is the co writer of the song, ‘I’ll Wait.’ His album in 1990 was known as, “Take it to Heart”.

One thing that really surprised me was that so many men model themselves after him and there were many 'Michael McDonald' look alikes in the audience. Men with white hair with the hairstyle, beard and mustache styled just the same way. I had seen something similar when I was in Key West, Florida where they had an Ernest Hemingway look alike contest, but Michael McDonald lookalikes – who knew?

It was a great evening – he sang without a break for 90 minutes and then came back for an encore. He sang some of Ray Charles and Aretha Franklin’ best hits. He has a great group that travel with him and he announced that most of them had been playing together for more than thirty years.

The audience was singing along with the group and we all had an enjoyable time.

Tomorrow I will tell you who else I was lucky enough to see that week.


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Rita Buckley said...

I love Michael McDonald too! Saw him at art park within the last few years.