Monday, July 2, 2012

The Value of Friendship -

A friend sent these pictures to me by e-mail, she was thanking me for our friendship. The cards started me thinking about the value of friendship.

When I signed up for Facebook I was contacted by many people who wanted to sign up as my 'ff' (facebook friend) - this caused me to reflect about how many relationships that we have during a lifetime. I have discovered that we can find friends in so many places if we just leave ourselves open to the possibilities.

This card was sent to me by my dear friend Susana a couple of years ago.
She said that the two girls reminded her of our friendship.
I was very touched by her words.
I have it on my kitchen shelf and I smile when I see it every day.

I have not reached this stage of life yet but when that time comes I would love to have a friend with whom I could toddle off to the market and share my dreams and
current circumstances with.

Doesn't this look like fun - an impromptu dance on the promenade -
Why not?

We understand the warmth of being with friends at an early age-
these little girls are obviously enjoying being together.

The companionship of a beloved family pet is priceless!

I love to see people enjoying themselves - like the logo says "growing old is inevitable"
As for me I refuse to grow up - I'm having too much fun!

Since signing on to Facebook
many people have declared that I am their friend. I know erery one of them personally ,(except for two people who I accidentally signed on) :-)
I have precious memories of every one of them.

Some of the friendships have spanned many years when my friends and I were young mothers and raising our children together (that is what we did in those days). I was called auntie by most of my friend's children - and guess what? several of those children are now grown and have signed up as my 'friend'. (because we are) :-)

I have lived in several different states and countries and many old friends checked in with me. A few are newer friends I have made since living in New York, but for sure I have developed happy relationships with them as well. Not to mention my birth family who have known me since my life began.

It is good to make contact with everyone again - I try to keep up with the messages and I check in as often as I can.

As each one re-connects with me all of the memories are sweet.

Thank you to my family and friends.

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