Sunday, July 11, 2010

Sunday Reflection - Pledge of Nonviolence

Pledging to become nonviolent in our actions

Yesterday an Interfaith service was held at the Bisonette House in Buffalo, NY

People from several faith backgrounds gathered together, with families and friends, to remember those who have been murdered in the community.

The names were called out: women who had died from acts of domestic violence and young men and women from street and gang violence.

The Peace and Nonviolence March travelled along Grider Street and

finished in the Peace Park. Small white crosses had been

carefully placed to represent those who have died.

A name was written on each white dove in memory of

the death of a loved one.

People of different cultures, ages, and faiths took part in the service.

Family members and friends of the deceased.

Those in attendance were asked to think about what they had

witnessed today.

They were asked to take the Pledge of Nonviolence.

"Pledge of Nonviolence"

God, thank you for your great love and all that you give to me.

Give me the grace and the courage to live a life of nonviolence so that I may be faithful to God.

Send me your Spirit, that I may love everyone as my sister and brother, and not fear anyone.

Help me to be an instrument of your peace; to respond with love and not retaliate with violence;

To accept suffering rather than inflict it;

To love more simply;

To resist death and to choose life for all your children.

Guide me along the way of nonviolence, into your reign of love and peace.

Where there is no fear and no violence.

In your name I pray.



This type of service has taken place in many communities around

the nation and the world.

It is important for people to take a stand and say 'enough is enough!'


Before we walked in the Peace and Nonviolence March, each walker was handed a marker in the shape of a white dove. On the dove was written "Rest in Peace' along with the name of a person who had been murdered and the date of death. We were asked to keep the dove and pray for the person and their loved ones.

The name on the dove that I received is

Jamie Lynn Norton - she was 19 and was killed on 8/5/09.

Please join me by including Jamie Lynn, her family and all victims of violence in your prayers.


Blessed are those who work for peace;

God will call them his children.

Matthew 5: 9

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