Sunday, November 13, 2011

Happy News - Today is World Kindness Day

Today is World Kindness Day

This separate day dedicated to acts of kindness to humanity was introduced in 1998 by the World Kindness Organization. The Cosmos flower is adopted as a symbol of World Kindness Day. This Day is observed in many countries including Canada, Japan, Australia and India.

The purpose of World Kindness Day is to look beyond ourselves, our country, our culture, our race, our religion and realize we are citizens of the world.

Hopefully, kindness is something which should be displayed on a daily basis and not just on one day, the fact remains that we are so caught up in our own comforts, problems and needs that many times we fail to look around and see the needs and hardships of others or help them.

So what can we do on this World Kindness Day to make at least a small difference to mankind? I think there is no better gift one can give to a fellow human being than peace and happiness. Let us do at least one act of kindness on this day. Let us help ourselves and help our global brothers and sisters by spreading the message of peace and happiness.

You ask the question ‘What can I do?” – just look around you – help an elderly person or someone in need, contribute to charity, give food for a needy person, donate blood, visit an orphanage or a nursing home, spend time with the inmates and so on. Have you ever tried to meet the local refugees who may be living in your community? Reach out to them in kindness. Give everyone a smile today – it will bring you personal happiness.

If a person should try to pay you for your act of kindness – just smile and say “Just pass it on – do something nice for someone else when you can.”


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Definitely a day worth mentioning. Maggie