Thursday, February 16, 2012

If It Is Thursday It's Going Green –Winter Chores

Going Green

Now that winter is here and the temperature has dropped we close our windows tightly and the furnace clicks on, and next thing that happens, we are living in a polluted atmosphere.

Here are 10 easy, simple things you can do to keep the air quality pure and safe in your house this winter.

1. Empty your refrigerator tray. It gets overcrowded in there and the refrigerator fan blows that moldy, smelly air right into your home.

2. Dust your heaters. When the heat comes on, the smell from the dust on the heating units is not good.

3. Check for foreign objects in your heating elements. Often small children can drop small items and plastics into the heating units and next thing you know, everyone is wondering what that strange smell is. Burning plastic is toxic!

4. Clean your oil burner. A dirty furnace does not function as well and can emit more harmful carbon monoxide and other undesirable compounds.

5. Clean chimneys. Prevent chimney fires and carbon monoxide buildup in your home.

6. Devise a compost system. When the windows stay closed, molds in the air from fermenting compost can become a problem. Be sure to empty your kitchen compost every day.

7. Be alert to out gassing. New products and activities like painting will have more of an effect on your indoor air quality now that the windows are closed. You may want to air new carpets or upholstered furniture before putting them in your house. If you’re painting, be sure to provide plenty of ventilation, and choose non-toxic paints.

8. Steam-clean your carpets. Get rid of dust, dust-mites and other noxious things so you won’t be inhaling them with every step you take.

9. Choose your candles wisely. Petroleum-based and lead-wick candles contribute significantly to dangerous levels of indoor air pollution. Buy (or make) candles made from beeswax, soy, or vegetable oils, lead-free wicks, and pure essential-oil fragrances.

10. No kerosene space heaters, EVER! They are lethal. If you need extra heat in a room, consider one of the freestanding electric heaters filled with oil that radiate clean heat.

To my friends who live in warmer climates only some of these suggestions apply to you, however, don't forget to control your thermostat to avoid your air conditioner working overtime. You will save on your energy bills.


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