Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Time for Reflection

It is done. The oath has been taken and we have a new president. It has been a long road. Almost two years of campaigning when, at first, we were introduced to dozens of candidates. Gradually some were eliminated and we were down to two.
The public has been bombarded with truths, fabricated stories, and over zealous reporting. It was sometimes hard to sort through all of the minutia to form an opinion. We wondered why a person would put themselves through the intense scrutiny that the candidates underwent, yet somehow, they and we survived. The vote was taken and we learned that Barack Obama was this nation's choice.  

We have heard people wishing that Martin Luther King could have seen this day. Others mentioned Malcolm, Fannie Lou, Viola, Emmett and many others. Since the election I have thought of many friends who I wish had survived. People who were warriors for civil rights and equality for all. 

I recently heard Bill Cosby say that when he voted he took two photos with him into the voting booth - one of his parents and another of his deceased brother. He stood the photos up on top of the machine and said "We" are voting for Barack Obama. He voted and then put the photos in his pocket, turned around and left the voting booth.

Many of the young people interviewed in the crowds in Washington said "I am here for my father (mother/grandparents/you name them) who did not live to see this day. I'm representing for them."

They are no longer with us, but the courage that they showed defies death. Their actions will live in the spirits and hearts of the next seven generations. They live in the young people who were 'representing' at the Inauguration, and who will continue to support our new president as he starts his journey.

All the painful years of  struggle, marching, standing up for human rights, the memory of segregation, injustice, discrimination and racism will remain in the minds of those who have experienced it, but somehow, just for today all is right with the world.

Yes, when the euphoria is over and we are back to our day to day lives the country will still have the myriad of problems that were in existence before the oath was taken, but now we have a stirring of hope in our hearts. Today we believe that unbelievable things can happen - we just witnessed it! 

As I write these words of reflection today I feel my heart humming a happy tune - it's called joy. Those of us that believe will sleep well tonight knowing that  'just for today', all is right with the world.

Today, I am proud of us and the United States of America.

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