Saturday, January 24, 2009

4,229 War Dead - Long May We Remember Them

,           Members of the Women's War Protest Group - CODEPINK

The following USA military personnel  have been killed in the Iraq War so far this year:

2009-01-18 SSgt Roberto Andrade Jr. Chicago, IL Army US
2009-01-17 Senior Airman Omar J. McKnight Marrero, LA Air Force US
2009-01-16 Pfc Ricky L. Turner Athens, AL Army US
2009-01-11 Pvt Sean P. McCune Euless, TX Army US
2009-01-11 Sgt Marquis R. Porter Brighton, MA Marine US
2009-01-10 SSgt Justin L. Bauer Loveland, CO Army US
2009-01-06 SSgt Anthony D. Davis Daytona Beach , FL Army US
2009-01-03 Lcpl Chadwick A. Gilliam Mayking, KY Marine US

                           Long may we remember them.

Four years ago, CODEPINK founders spent inauguration night in a miserable jail call, charged with disorderly conduct for unfurling a "Stop the War" banner during the ceremony. This year, instead of handcuffs, they got front row seats along with hugs and kisses from the crowd as they unfurled peace banners  and handed out thousands of pink ribbons calling on President Obama to keep his peace promises.

As The Washington Times noted, "You know things have changed in Washington when CODEPINK gets seats up front at the inauguration."

You really know things have changed when President Obama, on day one, started addressing some key promises:  1. Shut down Guantanamo 2. Reject the Military Commissions Act and  
3. Stop Torture. 

Thanks to you, CODEPINK  and congratulations on  being named by  The Nation Magazine as The Most Valuable Progressive Organization of the entire Bush-Cheney era!

We must remain vigilant - Since the start of the Iraq war there have been 4,229 US military deaths and  30,960 wounded.  Allied forces deaths - 317.  US civilian deaths - 172. 
Iraqi deaths 90,443. 


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