Thursday, April 16, 2009

Blog Reader Appreciation Day - 2009

To the readers of my Blog

This is me, sitting in my chair composing random blogs to keep you entertained

I have just been informed that today is Blog Reader Appreciation Day .

Today is the day designated for Bloggers to thank their readers.

Who knew there was such a day? There is even a logo for it – see above.

It has been exactly three months since I became a blogger after receiving encouragement to do so from a good friend. Since that time I have been busy writing and I find that I am enjoying the process.

When I first started I was wondering what on earth I could write about – since then, and 103 blogs later, so many ideas fill my mind that I have a stack of posts waiting to be released.

I am writing to thank my readers but to be honest I don’t really know who my readers are. Over the weeks I have forwarded various messages to my family and friends, some of whom have given me feedback.

I seldom get ‘comments’ and when I do most are posted by ‘anonymous.’ However, the statcounter lets me know how many people log on and that number is definitely increasing daily. But it doesn’t tell me more than that.

Where are those ‘Nielson’ ratings when you want them? Come to think of it do you know anyone who was ever asked to be in an opinion poll – are those numbers or percentages real? I have always had my doubts.

One of the things that I really like about blogging is that I am my own editor, :-) but , that can have a downside, because, even though I do my best to write information that is accurate and current I may be overlooking something. So to my readers I am requesting that you let me know if, for example, there is a typo, or misleading information in the article. (Please be gentle in your remarks) :-)

Better still, let me know if you read the blog and how did you find it? I am so new I haven’t figured that out yet. Where do the readers come from?

So now I am done rambling and I want to be serious for a moment and give a formal thank-you to the readers of my blog. Only you know who you are.

If you wish leave a 'comment' so that I know that you are out there or send me

Seriously, thank-you very much for signing in.
This flower is especially for you on this, your special day!

from peacesojourner

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Michaelann Bewsee said...

XChecking back in-- yes, I read your blog and I find it is developing a richness rarely found. Hope all is well with your family in England.