Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Brother to Brother

President Obama entering the Prime Minister's home at 
10 Downing Street, London. 

You won't see this photo on CNN. Everyone is too busy showing the Queen being touched. This was a moment of "touching" that won't be forgotten by this bobby.

"This is the most powerful photo in the recent series. Remember they are not supposed to shake hands, but the two brothers couldn't resist the historic moment. The black royal cop never imagined in his wildest dream that he would usher a black American president into the British corridors of power. Nice!"


I received this candid photo and message, via e-mail, from a good friend 
Jackie, in Massachusetts.

Thought you might like to see it also.


Anonymous said...

Spectacular! It's so great that though brilliant and powerful, he makes himself so accessible to everyone - even non-American citizens.

troutbirder said...

Wonderful picture and you got it over the fluff media's inane focus. I enjoyed your blog a lot. Thanks for sharing.

affrodite said...

Beautiful! I'm going to share a link to this post via twitter. Beautiful photo with a story, so many unspoken words, to tell.

Anonymous said...

Like all great photos, it tells a story. Great post!

Joy said...

it was great for obama and for the bobby as well. im glad he shook his hand, probably just spontaneously

peacesojourner said...

Thanks to all who left a comment - I appreciate your feedback.