Friday, August 28, 2009

Buffalo's Farewell - August 28, 2009

Buffalo's farewell to two courageous firefighters who died on Monday morning as they answered a call to save lives.

The Stars and Stripes is hanging between two fire truck ladders in tribute

Mark Mulville/Buffalo News
Funeral procession for Lt. McCarthy in the morning

The Emerald Society Pipes and Drums, made of of active-duty and retired firefighters, came from Washington, D.C. to
play during the funeral procession

The men from Ladder 7 atop the fire engine,
stand on guard next to the casket of
Firefighter Jonathan Croom

Honor Guard giving respect

More than 10,000 firefighters, police officers and first responders
came to Buffalo from around the United States and Canada
to attend the funerals

UT VIVANT ALII - So Others May Live

St. Joseph's Cathedral, Buffalo, New York

Officers saluting from the top of a building as the funeral procession
arrives at the Cathedral

Officers from Worcester, Massachusetts, in attendance. One officer told me that Buffalo firefighters had come to the funeral of the seven men lost in the warehouse fire in Worcester a few years ago and they wanted to pay their respects today.

The badges of all uniformed personnel were in mourning,
covered with a black band


A sad day for this community which always pulls together in times of need.

As well as those pictured above, thousands of residents of Buffalo and surrounding towns came out to stand at the side of the roads of the funeral routes today, to show their respect to the two fallen firefighters Lt. Charles W. McCarthy, Jr. and Firefighter Jonathan S. Croom.

May they rest in peace.

photos by peacesojourner (unless noted)

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