Monday, August 3, 2009

The Venceremos Brigade Returns Home Today

The Peace Bridge

A group called the Venceremos (We Shall Overcome) Brigade re-entered
the U.S. in Buffalo today
after defying the U.S. travel ban to Cuba.

The Venceremos Brigade is a U.S. political organization formed in 1969. It was formed as a coalition of young people attempting to show solidarity with the Cuban Revolution by working side by side with Cuban workers and challenging U.S. policies towards Cuba, including the United States embargo against Cuba and the U.S. government's restrictions on travel to the island.

Well wishers stand out to welcome the travellers who returned to the United States this morning. The sun was shining and the group was happy as the Venceremos Brigade crossed over the Peace Bridge from Fort Erie, Canada to Buffalo, New York.

The first Brigades participated in sugar harvests in Cuba and subsequent Brigades have done agricultural and construction work in many parts of the island.
In the summer of 2003, the group joined with the "Pastors For Peace" project of the Inter religious Foundation for Community Organization (IFCO) and organized a group travelling to Cuba, to highlight their objection to the U.S. restrictions on travel to Cuba.

Here are some of the group arriving on the last leg of their journey from Cuba.
This is the 40th consecutive year that the group has traveled to Cuba.
More than 150 Americans from around the country are part of this year's trip.

A rally calling for the U.S. to end the travel ban was held after the group's arrival
at Front Park in Buffalo.

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