Tuesday, November 24, 2009

5,292 U.S. Military killed so far in Iraq and Afghanistan

Casualties in Iraq

The Human Cost of Occupation

American Military Deaths in Iraq

Since Iraq war began (3/19/03): 4365

Total U.S.Wounded: Official 31,536 Estimated Over 100000

Latest Fatality Nov 22, 2009

Daily DoD Casualty Release

320,000 Vets Have Brain Injuries

War Veterans’ Concussions Are Often Overlooked

How Many Servicemembers Were Wounded? Estimated over 100,000

Estimated 18 Vet Suicides Per Day

Iraqi Casualties – 1,339,771

Other Coalition Troops - Iraq 325

US Military Deaths - Afghanistan 927

Other Military Deaths - Afghanistan 601

Contractor Employee Deaths - Iraq 1,395

Journalists - Iraq 335

Academics Killed - Iraq 431

Sources: DoD, MNF, and iCasualties.org

All data was compiled from http://www.defenselink.mil.

As we prepare to spend time with family and friends this Thanksgiving season please take time to reflect on these numbers and at least contact the President, your political representatives, write a letter to the local newspaper to protest the wars - don't just sit there - do something! PLEASE!

Thank you - peacesojourner

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