Friday, November 13, 2009

Happy News-International Day of Kindness

Just one week ago I wrote a post about the horrible things that were taking place in this country and the world. I spent the next few days trying to re-group and concentrate on some of the good things that are happening around me.

I decided that I am going to write a weekly blog to emphasize the positive and I will call it Happy News.

I had already planned to write about an event that is happening in Buffalo this week when I received a message from Bloggers United (a group that I have joined) reminding me to write a blog for November 13 which is ‘Kindness Day’. So my friends, these two themes certainly blend together in the following story.

Here is my first ‘Happy News’ Blog which also coincides with 'Kindness Day'.

Last Saturday the TV Program ‘Extreme Makeover’ visited Buffalo. They were here to announce that a deserving Buffalo family had been chosen for the makeover. The family was surprised and then whisked away to spend a week at Disney while ‘Extreme Makeover’ started their work.

I have mentioned before on this blog that this city is known, as the ‘City of Good Neighbors’ and, that I have had nothing but positive experiences from this community since moving here. It coincidently happens that the house chosen is just a few streets over from me in my part of town.

The Makeover crew put out a call that volunteers would be needed. When Buffalo learned about the project more than four thousand, five hundred volunteers showed up. Yes, 4,500! They have been working side by side with the TV crew twenty-four hours a day for a week now. None of the volunteers is receiving any financial reward for this effort but they are receiving a blessing from the good fellowship and camaraderie among themselves.

Along with this effort the call went out for a blood drive and hundreds of people showed up to donate blood. Also, another call went out for a food drive for the local Mission and Food Bank. I cannot tell you how many trucks were filled with food donations because I don’t know the exact number but they are in walking distance from my house and I can tell you it is quite a few.

Tomorrow the family will return from Disney – their lives changed forever. In a few days Buffalo will return to normal and every day routine will take over our lives again, but today the people of Buffalo have a smile on their faces. Truly in response to the multiple acts of ‘Kindness’ by thousands of local residents.

Earlier today the Executive Producer for ABC's Extreme Makeover Home Edition had some incredible things to say about the Queen City. Brady Connell says he's always had a "neutral" opinion of Buffalo. He also stated that of the 166 episodes that they have done he has never seen such a volunteer effort like this one - it's one of the best cities he's ever visited.

Welcome to Buffalo Mr. Connell – now you know about one of the best-kept secrets in the country -Buffalo is truly the ‘City of Good Neighbors’

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