Sunday, November 7, 2010

Sunday Reflection - Going Back in Time

Going Back in Time

Last night, because of daylight savings time, we gained an hour of time.

We lived through 1 a. m. to 2 a.m. and then there it was – 1 a.m. back again.

This had me thinking about what it would be like if we could relive certain times in our lives. If that moment could, somehow, be given back to us to experience again.

Do you have any moments in your life that you regret? Did you ever say something unkind that you felt sorry about later? Did your actions hurt another person or yourself?

Think about it for a moment. What if you were given the precious gift of returning to a certain place in time – would you do it differently?

Our happy moments are burned in our memory where we can recall them on a whim. The birth of my first child, my son, is high on that list for me. At any time that I wish, I can recollect the happiness that I felt when I first looked at his little face. And after counting his fingers and toes I was in awe at this perfect little person who had come into my life.

But what about those times that we often deliberately choose to forget, the things that we push back in the archives of our mind? The moments that we feel uncomfortable about that live in that deep dark place that some would call ‘denial’.

What if we used our extra hour today to relive that moment in time? What if we made some sort of amends to the person, place, family member, community or society at large that we have harmed? 

A phone call, a letter, even an email, can be the beginning of erasing the line of separation. As long as the goal is pure, coming together again can happen.

What if we need to forgive ourselves for harm that we have caused to our own body, mind or spirit?

When you feel forgiveness in your heart, it’s easier to be happy and at peace with yourself. Asking for forgiveness can free, nurture and release you.

It can fill you with compassion and good will. Bring you closer to God or goodness. Pray to God for forgiveness, too, if you wish.


This can be your reconciliation day –

that is if you use your extra one hour to relive over again.

Let me know how you used your extra hour today.


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