Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Election Day is Finally Over.............

Enough is Enough!I have encouraged my family and friends to vote today. I have worked in local campaigns and stood outside my local polling station for 12 hours in the chilly temperatures - all to give the candidate of my choice some support.
I have endured months of political advertising - 267 pieces of mail begging me to vote for certain people or telling me horrible, hideous secrets or the malicious acts of the person running against them in the election.
Then there were the thousands of ads on the TV and radio airwaves - not to mention dozens of the endless, unwanted (by me) phonemessages. Even President Bill Clinton phoned me twice urging meto vote for the person of his choice.
All of which, I found extremely annoying - then to top it all off -tonight I turn to my only TV relaxation these days. I am all settled in to watch "The Good Wife" only to find that she has been preempted for election results. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!
I am having a cup of hot chocolate and off to bed for me!

I am glad that election day is OVER!

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