Sunday, January 17, 2010

Sunday Reflection - A Prayer for Haiti

We Pray for Haiti

God of compassion
please watch over the people of Haiti,
and weave out of these terrible happenings
wonders of goodness and grace.
Surround those who have been affected by tragedy
with a sense of your present love,
and hold them in faith.
Though they are lost in grief,
may they find you and be comforted.
Guide us as a church
to find ways of providing assistance
that heal wounds and provide hope.
Help us to remember that when one of your children
suffers we all suffer;
through Jesus Christ who was dead, but lives
and rules this world with you. Amen.

— Bruce Reyes-Chow, Gradye Parsons and Linda Valentine

This young woman is praying while waiting for news of her family in Haiti

I hope by now that you may have been motivated to provide some help for the people in Haiti.
Money donations can be made to Presbyterian Disaster Relief Fund or the Red Cross. I have worked with both groups during responses to disaster and know them to be reliable.

Meanwhile, for most of us whose hearts are torn by the images of such suffering and pain of the people in Haiti, we can pray. Not only for Haiti but for gratitude of our own lives that in comparison are blessed beyond belief.

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