Friday, June 8, 2012

What Became of the Girl in the Photo?

June 8, 1972 - If you saw this photo in Newsweek Magazine on that date
you have never forgotten it.
Have you ever wondered what became of the naked girl in the photo taken during the Vietnam War, by Nick Ut?

Her clothes had been burnt off by the napalm flames that had engulfed her.
Today is the 40th anniversary of the photo.

Her name is Kim Phuc. The good news is that she survived the traumatic burns over her body.

Her life has not been easy. She has suffered pain ever since the napalm explosion. She later managed to escape to Canada, get married and have two children.

Kim Phuc has also established an organization to help children of war, called the 'Kim Phuc Foundation International' which she formed as a way to promote peace and forgiveness.

She finally found happiness and freedom after years of pain and suffering. She later met a pilot who coordinated the air strike on her village - she forgave him!

Dates of the Vietnam War: 1959 -- April 30, 1975

Bless the little children who are the innocents in the big peoples war games.

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