Thursday, June 28, 2012

If It Is Thursday It's Going Green - 'Going Green' Terminology

Familiarize Yourself with Going-Green-Terminology

Can you speak green? This going-green-terminology glossary will clarify some basic terms that are quite commonplace in the green-movement vocabulary.

It should also help to clear up the definitions of some rather strange terms that are becoming popular as well.

BIODIVERSITY - The range of living things in one area and how they are part of the ecosystem.

BIODEGRADABLE - Breaking down of materials with help from micoorganisms.

BIOACCUMULATION - How animals and plants secrete toxins in their tissues from their environment.

BLACKWATER - Containing feces and urine.

CARBON FOOTPRINT - The measure of greenhouse gas emitted by certain actions of humans or industries.

CARBON NEUTRAL - Or Carbon Neutrality - the term used to describe the actions of organizations, businesses and individuals taking action to remove as much carbon dioxide from the atmosphere as each put in to it.

CARBON OFFSETS - Measures taken to make up for carbon dioxide released into the atmosphere.

CARBON TAX - A proposed tax charge on carbon dioxide emissions because of burning fossil fuels.

CARBON DIOXIDE - Greenhouse gas increasing global warming. Also known as CO2 - chemical abbreviation.

CLIMATE CHANGE - Rapid change in global climate because of human activities.

COMPOST - Breaking down of materials into dirt.

CFL - Replacement for traditional light-bulbs. - Compact Fluorescent Lamp

ECOSYSTEM - A self sufficient environment formed by biological and physical characteristics existing together and in one place.

EMISSION - Gases or exhausts produced by human activity.

One of the new going-green-terminology phrases that almost sounds a bit "scary" is becoming popular...

ENERGY VAMPIRES - Refers to electric appliances that continue to use energy after they are supposedly turned off.

FOSSIL FUELS - Deposits such as natural gas, coal and oil which has taken years to develop naturally from the environment.

FAIR TRADE - USA certification code that verifies that farmers have received a fair price for their products. They have received credit and are helped with assistance to their business on the road to being self-sufficient economically.

FREE RANGE - Way of farming which allow animals to roam freely and not be caged.

GLOBAL WARMING - Temperature increase in air and oceans because of human activity.

GREY WATER - Runoff from washers, sinks, tub etc., but has no sewage materials.

GREEN - Used in reference to being environmentally friendly.

GREEN TECHNOLOGY - Devoted to the conservation of energy, green building, soil health, smart electricity and more.

GREEN BUILDING - The practice of using eco-friendly building materials, and the designing of energy efficient homes and businesses. Relies on wind and solar power.

GREEN LIFESTYLE/LIVING - Consideration of life choices made which will have consequences on the environment.

GREENHOUSE GASES - Gases in our atmosphere contributing to global warming.

HERBICIDE - Chemicals that stop plants from growing or even kills them.

IPPC - Government Panel investigating impact, and solutions for the changing climate.

LANDFILL - A place to bury garbage, waste.

LED - Replacing the usual light-bulbs, known as Light Emitting Diode.

ORGANIC FOOD - No fertilizers, sewage, or pesticides are used

to grow plants.

PHANTOM LOAD - Same meaning as Energy Vampires.

REDUCE, REUSE, RECYCLE - Commonly referred to as the 3 r's of green living. The credo for going-green-terminology.

RECYCLE - Finding alternate uses for something instead of throwing it away as garbage.

REPURPOSE - Same meaning as "recycle."

RENEWABLE ENERGY - Alternate forms of electricity through natural resources such as wind and sun.

SOLAR ENERGY - Conversion of sun's rays to energy.

SUSTAINABILITY - "Living now" changes to make in order to preserve our resources for generations to come. Involves different methods of building, farming and finding new ways to produce electricity instead of using up resources that will run out.

VEGAN - Someone who will not eat products from animals or use material products from animals either.

WASTE STREAMS - Waste materials which come from various commercial, industrial or municipal sectors.

ZERO CARBON FOOTPRINT - The goal of carbon neutrality, and the practice of carbon offsetting.

Information from Carbon-Footprint

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