Tuesday, April 17, 2012

April 17h - War Tax Resistance Day

Many Anti War Tax Resisters will gather at the IRS building in Washington, DC today to give away resisted federal taxes to some worthy organizations that are working to alleviate some of the ills of the world. The demonstration is one of dozens around the country being held today on "Tax Day." War Tax Resistance protests have been going on at IRS HQ since the 1960’s.

War Tax Resisters are people of conscience who are saddened by the government's continued presence in Iraq and Afghanistan. In refusing to pay part or all of our federal taxes and re-directing that money, war tax resisters are intentionally violating the law to withhold our support of the illegal, immoral and unjust wars--as well as untold future wars our government may lead us into.

They join together at the IRS to publicly declare that they will not cooperate with our government's policy of advocating and enacting violent responses to international conflict. Not in our names will the U.S. government continue to uphold a military system that all too often threatens and takes lives around the world, while government programs that meet human needs are routinely cut or eliminated.

The current Military Budget is $1.3 trillion

Many of us will continue our war tax resistance until our government prioritizes human needs, peace, and social justice over international aggression, war and violence.

We say “NO” to war with our money. No to the continuing war and occupation of Iraq. No to the war in Afghanistan and no to drone attacks and increased fighting in Pakistan.

We say “No” to billions more dollars buying thousands more deaths and injuries, both military and civilian. There are people and programs that could benefit from a small percentage of the money that is spent by all governments on war.

War Tax Resisters have decided that we cannot wait for governments to end war. We are cutting off our individual connection to war by refusing some or all of the federal tax dollars that fund war.

  • Some of us are living on low incomes so as not to pay for war.
  • Some of us are refusing $100 in protest.
  • Some of us are refusing 100% of any federal income taxes owed.
  • If the government won't cut off the funds, we will.
  • We mourn the loss of untold numbers of lives that have been lost in these wars.


I am a pacifist and I take comfort in knowing that I do not personally give financially to the war effort. I made the decision to become a War Tax Resister 11 years ago. I deliberately have an income that is lower than the minimum rate before one pays tax. I live a very frugal lifestyle and I take advantage of almost every free cultural event in the community. Life is good.

One of the benefits of being a War Tax Resister is that I meet some of the kindest, compassionate people every day.


"War tax resistance is a way of keeping at the front of my mind the killing and suffering wrought by the government's policies, and of voicing my profound disagreement with those policies."—Juanita Nelson (a War Tax Resister since WWII)

"War will exist until that distant day when the conscientious objector enjoys the same reputation and prestige that the warrior does today." - John F. Kennedy

6,422 Military Troops from the United States have been

killed in wars since March 19 2003.


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