Friday, April 6, 2012

Good Friday - The Passion of Christ

O Heart of Three-in-the Evening

O Heart of Three-in-the evening,
You nestled the thorn-crowned head;
He leaned on you in His sorrow,
And rested on you when dead.

Ah! Holy Three-in-the evening
He gave you His richest dower;
He met you afar on Calvary,
And made you "His own last hour".

O Brow of Three-in-the evening,
Thou wearest a crimson crown;
Thou art Priest of the hours forever,
And thy voice, as thou goest down

The cycles of time, still murmurs
The story of love each day:
"I held in death the Eternal,
In the long and the far-away."

O Heart of Three-in-the evening,
Mine beats with thine to-day;
Thou tellest the olden story,
I kneel -- and I weep and pray.

Copyright by Abram J. Ryan


Dear Christ

Because, dear Christ, your tender, wounded arm
Bends back the brier that edges life's long way,
That no hurt comes to heart, to soul no harm,
I do not feel the thorns so much to-day.

Because I never knew your care to tire,
Your hand to weary guiding me aright,
Because you walk before and crush the brier,
It does not pierce my feet so much to-night.

Because so often you have harkened to
My selfish prayers, I ask but one thing now,
That these harsh hands of mine add not unto
The crown of thorns upon your bleeding brow.

Copyright by E. Pauline Johnson


A Cold, Dark Day

A cold, dark day
Was Good Friday
Our Lord would die on cross
World to bemoan his loss!
The Blessed Virgin wept,with downcast eyes
A cruel time
For vicious crime
As God's believers weep
Troubled souls seeking sleep
Next morning wake to mystical surprise!
No need to mourn
Christ was reborn
Now devout people pray
Glorious Easter Day!
To heaven,our Lord has risen to stay!

Author Unknown

Photo taken by peacesojourner while walking alongside
the Niagara River.

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