Monday, June 8, 2009

'END WAR' - 5,011 U.S. Military Troops Killed

Casualties in Iraq
The Human Cost of Occupation

Among the U.S. service member deaths so far reported in June, one soldier has become the 5,000th casualty of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. According to the wars have cost at least 4,311 lives in Iraq and 700 in Afghanistan.

These figures include both combat and non-combat deaths, as well as those service members killed outside the main theaters of action. In some cases, however, a service member who may have died months or years later of wounds received during service might not be included in official figures.

 As the U.S. Congress returned from a week long Memorial Day break, the lawmakers’ main war concern was not ending either campaign, but in finalizing a new war funding bill for the president to sign.

President Obama originally asked for $84.3-billion to continue the wars. Both chambers then added their own items, bringing the final tally for the House to $96.7-billion and the Senate’s to $91.3-billion in additional funding.


American Deaths 

Since war began (3/19/03): 

Since Obama Inauguration (1/20/09): 

American Wounded Official         Estimated
     Total Wounded: 31327                Over 100,000

Latest Fatality June 5, 2009

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U.S. Wounded
Daily DoD Casualty Release
320,000 Vets Have Brain Injuries
War Veterans’ Concussions Are Often Overlooked
How Many Service Members Were Wounded?
18 Vet Suicides Per Day?

Iraqi Casualties

Other Coalition Troops - Iraq 

US Military Deaths - Afghanistan 

Other Military Deaths - Afghanistan 

Journalists - Iraq 

Contractor Employee Deaths - Iraq 

Iraqi Deaths - over 1 million have been reported

Sources: DoD, MNF, and


Do these numbers alarm you? The number of those killed and the amount of money that is being spent. Have you made any effort to speak and let others know that you are against the wars? Have you written to the President to let him know how you  feel?

If not please make some effort to end this senseless killing. Why not do it today? Please let me know what action you have taken. 
I will be so glad to hear from you.

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