Thursday, June 18, 2009

Breaking news: Obama kills fly

President Obama killed a fly! 

 AP: "Barack Obama: The human flyswatter." 

Canadian Press: "Obama kills annoying fly, then keeps going on in TV interview." NY Daily News: "No presidential pardon for this pest."

This image made from video released by CNBC, shows President Barack Obama smacking a fly dead during an interview with CNBC correspondent John Harwood in the White House on Tuesday June 16, 2009 in Washington.

As I was typing I was thinking that I needed to post something a little lighter today because the past few days have had such serious content. I've been writing about hate crimes and suggesting that we all try to treat others kindly.  As the thought was going through my mind this popped up on my screen. Now why did the Pres have  to go and kill something  during my 'Why can't we all get along" week?

Yes, PETA  has already issued a complaint!      

 You can't make this stuff up can you?

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