Monday, June 29, 2009

To Michael Jackson - We Will Miss You!

Michael Jackson - August 29, 1958 - June 25, 2009

I just looked through of file of hundreds of photos of Michael posted online.
I was trying to find the image of him that is burned into my mind. The one where he is in his early teens and looked so happy when he was singing and dancing. 
The Michael that we all adored and loved. 

That was the interesting thing about him -  his music transcended all cultures and generations.
Parents and children all wanted to see him,  hear him and appreciated him.
He made our lives brighter, and when his name was mentioned we would smile.

As I tried to find the exact image of him that I was looking for I  noticed that as he got older the  photos started to  show the sadness in his eyes. Then, as he left his teens,  that sadness became more pronounced and  the images of him in recent adulthood  masked complete pain on his face. 

Why didn't we notice? Why didn't his public listen when he said he was so very shy and very lonely. Why did we marvel at Never Land while not really understanding that he was an idol worldwide who truly had no one in his age group that he could relate to.

I choose to continue to remember him when his eyes shone and his smile was infectious. That is who Michael truly was and somehow his spirit became dimmer  while trying to please his family, his producers and his fans.

As I have been driving in traffic the last few days so many people have Michael Jackson music blaring from their car radios, the local stores have sold out of his albums. It has been great reminiscing while listening to the 'oldies' that we loved so much and yes, they still bring a smile to my face. 

I heard someone in the music business say this week -

 "Turn down the chatter and turn up the music."

Thank you Michael for every time you made us smile -
 we will miss you!


jess-n-jo said...

Lesley, I, too, was looking for a truly "happy Michael" picture and found that most of them, unfortunately, looked sad. He is at last at peace. Enough said.

karima said...'re right......he will be's still hard for me to wrap my head around the fact that he has made that final transition....mj is gone,-- but not daughters and i reminisced all favorite mj memory is the mj birthday party that i planned for my daughter, takiyah, when she turned 5 in 1983.....her father danced, wearing one white glove and takiyah rec'd an mj watch, mj doll, an mj t-shirt, and the OFF THE WALL album....what a hoot!.....there were 5 children and 5 adults present and the grown folks had as much fun as the children......GOD BLESS YOU MICHAEL!