Sunday, October 3, 2010

'One Nation Working Together' gathering in D.C.

Here is the "One Nation Working Together" gathering of many thousands of activists showing support for Democrats at
Washington D.C. Rally.

More than 400 organizations - labor organizations, anti-war groups, the NAACP, faith based, environmental and gay rights groups were present. People of every race, culture and ethnic background presented a solid united front.

The crowd led cheers of "Ever Forward, Never Backwards."

Yes, they were there - did your local newspaper give the event much publicity? The Buffalo News had a small article on page 8.

The main article on the front page was about a locally grown
1,070 lb pumpkin.

The main thing the marchers would like to have you remember is "please go to the polls in November and let the politicians know what you want."

A big thank-you to all who took the time and the effort to go to the Nation's Capital to express your opinions and to stand up for those of us who were not able to make the journey.


photo by Associated Press

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