Monday, October 18, 2010

Thoughts on Hunger and Poverty

When Martin Luther King, Jr. spoke of "beloved community" he was describing the ultimate goal of non-violent activism for peace and justice -- a global community of caring where poverty, hunger and injustice are no more.

Poster by Silk Oak - Syracuse Cultural Workers


October 17, 2010 was recognized as the

International Day for the Eradication of Poverty.

The theme this year is "From Poverty to Decent Work: bridging the gap"

At this time we have more of our human family suffering from the unnecessary evil of hunger than ever before in the history of our planet.

There are millions of residents in the United States who go hungry every day. Children are going to school without breakfast, senior citizens have to decide whether to buy medicine or food and many parents are working two jobs in order to survive.

The most basic principle is the belief in the dignity of the human person. Each person is created in the image of God. Each person is precious. When we close our eyes to our neighbor we close our eyes to God. In this human family no one ought to go without the necessities of life.

Globally, over 1.1 billon people will not get enough food today. Please think about them today. Pray for them today. Then take the time to do something positive on their behalf.

Tell someone about the plight of the hungry.

Make a donation to an organization working to feed the hungry.

Volunteer to help feed the hungry at a local shelter or soup kitchen.

Contact your elected representatives to encourage them to support legislation favoring those who are hungry in a world of plenty.

Don’t let this day slip by without making a difference on behalf of the hungry.

If each of us simply does what we can, right where we are, using whatever resources we have, we can erase the obscenity of hunger in our lifetime.


How marvelous is your world O Lord!

You have given us the grains of the fields, the water from the seas to sustain and feed us.

Help us to be good stewards, to care for the gift we have been given, to ensure that all have enough to eat.

As we gather today open our hearts and minds to your wisdom.

Remind us that whatever we do for those who are hungry, we do for you.

Lord, hear our prayer


"I have the audacity to believe that people everywhere can have three meals a day for their bodies, education culture for the minds and dignity, equality and freedom for the spirits."

Martin Luther King Jr.

The 2010 commemoration will take place today at

United Nations Headquarters in New York.

On this day I urge you to take at least one of the actions listed above

and help to eradicate hunger and poverty.


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