Monday, May 7, 2012

Apples and Pears - Art and Poetry

Apple Art

Bet you thought my teeth were soft!

Pear instrument plays real sweet

Butterfly Apple



by K. C. Cox

I traded you for an apple one day
It was half eaten before I knew
That nothing in the world could ever replace
The love I have for you

We served each other mud pies
Climbed up in the mulberry tree
Played all day long in the camper
Daddy set up for you and me

We played store on the back porch
The neighbor kids joined in
Ran barefoot through Dad's garden
Playing tag, I let you win

And, as we grew older
We talked nearly all night long
About boys, and school, and other things

And on the transistor was our favorite song
Now we are grown and you are my best friend

Each person in life has a place
That every time I see an apple
I get a big smile on my face

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