Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Welcome to the Month of May..............

Welcome to the merry month of May - 2012

Clematis climbing on a wall in Dorset, England - taken in the month of May

Each month I have been recognizing and writing a little about the national theme for the current month.
The month of May has been declared:

Arthritis Month

Stroke Month

National Older Americans Month

National Bike Month

National Foster Care Month

Preservation Month

American Heritage Month

Asian-Pacific American Heritage Month

Jewish American Month

Of course, the idea is to highlight these various themes and I will try to do so
as the month progresses.

The merry month of May has always been a
wondrous time of the year, especially for those who live in cooler climates. We have anticipated the viewing of spring flowers for months and now we actually get to remember what the sun looks like in the sky.

Mother Nature remains in control of the universe and never fails to provide us with the natural beauty she generously gives.

photo by peacesojourner

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