Sunday, August 19, 2012

Sunday Reflection - Let's Talk About Jesus


When I first saw the picture above I found it amusing, however, later I started thinking about how many Christians seldom actually talk to another person about Jesus. Many people that I know who attend church regularly rarely talk publicly about their faith.

When Jesus was alive he said ‘go tell others what you have seen here’ - his followers were called the believers and they followed The Way. If they had been silent about the message of Jesus then all knowledge of him would have disappeared from history. The early believers spoke to others about Jesus even though many of them were ostracized and even killed for mentioning his name.

Why are so many of today’s Christians silent about the Good News of the coming of Jesus Christ?

What do you do? Do you talk in hushed tones about your faith beliefs or maybe you are silent about it?

Do you want to be able to talk with others about your Christian faith?

Here are some steps that you could take:

  • Recognize that faith is a sensitive subject. Be prepared - remain calm, friendly, and welcoming.
  • Make sure you are well informed about the Bible – this is very important.
  • Wait for the appropriate time. The most agreeable circumstance is in a small group or one on one.
  • When a discussion of faith is being held listen to the viewpoints of others without interrupting, objecting, or correcting. and calmly, say “You know that I'm a Christian, right? (they nod or whatever) Generally, the Christian belief is ________." Keep your response as brief as possible
  • Remember your goal. Don't make this about you. Remember who you are - you are the face of Jesus that this person is seeing at that moment. Make sure you're presenting him accurately.
  • Resist the temptation to quote a lot of scripture.
  • A quiet, solid faith shows. If you can not be easily annoyed casual onlookers will know your faith is strong and deep. 

  • As a Christian, stand for Jesus wherever you go. Make sure what you show people is a good example.
  • Humility is so important. Tell them, "I can't speak for every Christian, only for myself. But for heaven's sake, don't follow me. Follow Him."
  • If you show respect and kindness and have some understanding of Biblical principles you will be fine.

So, stop being a silent Christian – speak up!


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