Thursday, August 23, 2012

If It is Thursday it's Going Green - Take the Stairs

Remember the 4 R’s:

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Repair

Some Things You Can Do To Make a Difference:

Power down: Many of the resources we use and the waste we create is in the energy we consume. Look for opportunities in your life to significantly reduce energy use.

Drive less, fly less, turn off lights, buy local seasonal food (food takes energy to grow, package, store and transport), use a clothesline instead of a dryer, vacation closer to home, buy used or borrow things before buying new, recycle.

All these things save energy and save you money.

Waste less: Per capita waste production in the United States just keeps growing. There are dozens of opportunities each day toreduce the waste in your home, school, workplace, church and community.

This takes developing new habits that soon become second nature. Use both sides of the paper, carry your own mugs and shopping bags, get printer cartridges refilled instead of replaced, compost food scraps, avoid bottled water and other over packaged products, upgrade computers rather than buying new ones, repair and mend rather than replace - the list is endless! The more we visibly engage in reuse over wasting, the more we cultivate a new cultural norm, or actually, reclaim an old one!

Unplug (the TV and Internet) and Plug In (the community). The average person in the United States watches T.V. over 4 hours a day. Four hours per day filled with messages about stuff we should buy. That is four hours a day that could be spent with family, friends and in our community.

Park your car and walk. Make exercise part of your daily routine, take the stairs not the elevator. Driving less and walking more is good for the climate, the planet, your health, and your wallet.

Talk to everyone about these issues:

Let people know the changes that you have made and the difference that they make to the environment. Talk to as many people who will listen - at school, at work. Tell your neighbors, and especially your family and friends. Talking about these issues raises awareness, builds community and can inspire others to action. Children talk it over with your parents.

Make Your Voice Heard.

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