Friday, August 31, 2012

Once in a Blue Moon - August 2012

What is a Blue Moon?

August 2012 features two full moons. The full moon occurs once every 29.5 days. This
essentially means that there is one full moon every month, however, as we know,
every month but February has at least 30 days in it, which occasionally
presents the potential for two moons in a month.

There are two definitions for a blue moon. According to modern folklore a blue moon
is the second full moon in a calendar month. February is the only month that
can never have a blue moon.

The full moon that you will see this evening looks like an ordinary full moon, but it is actually a bit extraordinary – it is also a blue moon. This month we get two full moons in August. The first was on Aug.1 (Sturgeon Moon) and the second full moon falls on today, Aug. 31.
Barring clouds, tonight’s full moon should be easy to spot. The blue moon is not a serious subject, it’s not even really blue. Our calendar is a tool devised by humanity and it happens that two full moons fall within that given monthly space.

“Once in a blue moon”: This saying is in reference to the rarity of the blue moon. The famous 1934 love ballad “Blue Moon” by Richard Rodgers and Lorenz Hart was also likely inspired by this uncommon event.

Today offers the last chance to see a so-called "blue moon" for nearly three years. Stargazers won't be able to see two full moons in a single month again until July 2015.

Blue Moons come along once every 2.7 years on average, and sometimes much more frequently.
Blue Moon myths run wild – Today’s Blue Moon definition come from old editions of the Maine
Farmer’s Almanac. Ancient cultures around the world considered the second full moon to be spiritually significant.

The Blue Moon’s conjunction to Chiron will give us the opportunity to expose and heal any
psychological complexes. With this Blue Moon we are giving the opportunity to
let our body speak to us and tell us about the state of our mind.

Being passive and letting things slide around you is just as spiritually irresponsible as willfully
provoking fights. The message of this moon then is to be vigilant, be a watcher
over your own behavior and that of others.

So, heads up - enjoy this gift from Mother Nature tonight.


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